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Rock-art at Mauxi

In Goa, there is ample evidence which throws light on the movement of prehistoric tribes in the Mhadei and the Dudhsagar valleys. In the year 1999, Mauxi, a beautiful village of Sattari taluka situated at a distance of 4 km from Valpoi, was in the limelight when a rock engraving site was discovered here. Mauxi, a thick jungle and part of the Sahyadri, not only provided wild fruits, roots, tubers and other edible forest products but also was a source of small game for hunting and fishing due to the perennial water source. Hence the place provided a congenial habitat for prehistoric man who also fashioned tools out of the stone in the area.

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Rock-art in Panasaimol

Dhandole is a small hamlet of Rivon village of Sanguem, where there is one area locally known as Panasaimol. Etymologically, the name suggests that once upon a time this area was full of jackfruits. In May 1993, Panasaimol came to light when researchers discovered the first evidence of rock art in Goa's Western Ghats.

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