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The Bamboo and Cane Development Institute was set up to cater to the changing design and technology needs of buyers and to provide support to artisans and craftsmen in these two aspects. The Institute conducts training programmes and workshops and acts as a resource centre. The Centre also facilitates the participation of artisans and craftsmen in trade fairs.

The Centre has been set up with a view to providing an overall support system to the cane and bamboo sector so as to build up sustainable enterprises. One of the objectives of the centre is to act as a nodal agency for technology support facilities for development at the cane and bamboo clusters/hubs. BCDI is involved in the creation of a sustainable supply chain management for the artisans who are involved in basketry and other bamboo product development, as well as the facilitation of the production of green craft.

Bamboo and Cane Design Centre(BCDI)
BCDI Building Lichubagan
Post office Kathal Bagana, (Kunjban)
Agartala 799006, Tripura (West)
Phone: +91 381 2226807
Fax no: +91 381 2326245

(Writeup developed based on personal Interview with Subrota Sarkar, artisan with the TBM and BCDI)
Contributed and processed by: Prarthana

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