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Kalamkari Paintings

Kalamkari (referring to the pen which is used in decorating handloom cloth with natural dyes) has evolved over the centuries as an art form in Andhra Pradesh. The Kalahasti style, the Golconda style and the Machilipatnam style are three important kalmkari styles. Kalamkari originally depicted ancient legends like stories or scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha. The scenes were depicted in rows and the narrative written below. The most popular kalamkari is the Tree of Life pattern. The kalamkari fabric has an earthy natural beauty born of gentle vegetable dyes.

Contributed by Prarthana, CEE Ahmedabad

Kolam: Ritualistic Threshold Drawings and Designs

Kolam are a type of threshold drawings and designs found in Tamil Nadu. Like many other parts of India, threshold drawings are very famous in Tamil Nadu. Kolam is also practiced in other states of South India such as Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

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