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In Tripura, bamboo forms the core of local tradition. As they say in the tribal villages of Tripura, "Once born, you cannot survive without bamboo". This is literally true because in certain tribes, the first time a person comes into contact with bamboo is immediately after birth, when his or her umbilical cord is cut with a bamboo blade. And bamboo accompanies him or her throughout his or her life. Bamboo's widespread availability made its role almost indispensable in the local lifestyle. The indigenous people of Tripura use the material for a variety of purposes ranging from fencing to housing, fans to furniture, baskets to bridges, food to medicine.

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Handlooms Weaving In Tripura

Handloom weaving is an important craft in Tripura. Tripuri women in the rural households prefer to weave their own risa and rinai which are part of their traditional dress. Other handloom products which are woven include lungi, sari, chaddar, and scarves. The motifs are different and one can identify whether it is woven by the Chakma, Kuki, Lussai or Reang tribes. The main feature of Tripuri handlooms is vertical and horizontal stripes with scattered embroidery in different colours. The artistic handloom industry is concentrated in a number of places in the rural areas, in the sub-divisions of Sadar, Sonamura, Khowai, Kailasahar and Belonia.

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