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Basohli Painting

Professor M.P.Ranjan

Basohli Paintings is a fusion of Hindu mythology, Mughal miniature techniques and folk art of the local hills, evolved in the 17th and 18th centuries as a distinctive style of painting. This style of painting derives its name from the place of its origin - hill town of Basohli about 80 Km. from the centre of district Kathua in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

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Carpet Making

Since carpet weaving originated in Persia and travelled to Kashmir, the designs have a lot of resemblance to Persian themes. The carpets of Kashmir resemble Central Asian styles like bokhara and Turkish makes. Often, a cotton warp is mixed with a woollen weft. Silk carpets are also made. Common motifs include medallions, horse designs, hunting and animal scenes. Floral and plant designs in unusual sizes can also be found. Trellis designs are often combined with plant motifs. Kashmiri carpets are always hand-knotted. The knotting of the carpet is significant as it defines the life of the carpet

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As the temperature in Kashmir decreases in winter, the sales of Kangri - a local parlance for an earthen pot encased in wicker - picks up. Kashmiris use Kangri to keep themselves warm during late autumn and winter seasons, especially in the rural parts. Villagers cannot afford the electric heater so they rely on the Kangri.

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